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Quatre R. Winner's Journal
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Date:2005-04-03 01:02
Mood: distressed

I have never been more embarrassed in my life.

Duo, I really don't see how you could possibly think this is funny. Who knows who's gotten to see those pictures? What if some sleazy magazine got its hands on them? What if they made their way to the international media? You know they jump at any news about us.

Dear God, Relena, as I asked on the phone please make sure at least those copies disappear, I really don't think I even want to see them.

Heero, in the mean time, seems to want to rip Caitlin, who took the pictures, apart, limb by limb. Now I don't completely disagree with him there, but that seems a bit much. I do agree that she should be denied permission from any Preventers bases from now on, so I'll definitely be around to see you about that, Miss Une.

And if I hear one more comment about my butt, I'm going crazy.

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Date:2005-01-29 02:48
Mood: contemplative

Between Wufei's accident and Heero having another bad headache, I think there's quite some worrying going on between the six of us.
Or maybe it's just me, I tend to worry a bit too much. ^^;

Wufei still doesn't remember anything, according to Heero and he's the one who got to talk to him, well, besides Relena, of course.

I hope he gets better soon, Relena might seem okay, for now, but when I talk to her between classes, she just looks so tired. Or maybe it's just me again? Maybe I'm a bit tired, even though I don't really feel it.

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Date:2005-01-13 22:01
Subject:Well here we are, back again
Mood: relaxed

The honeymoon was great, even if we didn't really get to do all the siteseeing we wanted to do (not just because of Heero's headache, really.)

Training has begun again, as you all know and I'm sure you've already heard about the journalist as well, so I won't bother going into that too much. She's nice though, much more human than I expected.

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that I get to see you all soon, I've missed you. :)

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